More Ice With Less Energy

Hoshizaki |07.05.18

It’s Here!

Hoshizaki continues to deliver peace of mind, greater reliability and superior performance with the introduction of the KMEdge Evaporator models.

The Hoshizaki KM Edge units produce the same amount of ice in half the amount of cycles making them the only Ice Machine you’ll ever need.

With their stronger evaporator structure, the KM Edge unit’s increase energy savings by 25% and increase ice production by up to 30%. The open stainless steel surface stays clean and is easy to service.

The result is harder and clearer ice cubes, less unwanted minerals and impurities and higher ice production in fewer cycles. The KM Edge unit’s superior longevity and reliability mean that less service and maintenance are required and your customers will have better, longer-lasting, impossibly clear ice.

Features of the KM Edge

  • Dual-sided stainless-steel evaporator has oval-shaped copper refrigerant tubing for the most efficient heat exchange
  • Hoshizaki’s evaporator design freezes the cleanest water, rinsing-out most of the minerals and impurities; resulting in individual, crystal clear KMEdge cubes
  • CycleSaverTM design allows production of the same amount of ice in half the cycles of other ice machines – extending the life of the equipment