Commercial Ice Machine

It is really important to purchase the right ice machine for your business. A brief guideline that’s helps you understand what your business needs.
Things you will need to know prior to purchase: Your business industry, ice usage and what you need the ice for. Our product line up ranges from cubes, crescent, nugget, flakers to special ice makers and dispensers
Types Of Ice
Industry Type Average Weight of Ice Usage About Recommended Ice Type
Restaurant Average of 0.7kg of ice per person per day Whatever your choice of Ice, Hoshizaki has the right choice for your selection. Our machines utilise the latest smart computer which provides the best clear, hard ice that melt slowly, allowing customers to enjoy their cooled drinks for longer. Quality at its best.
Bars & Cocktail Lounges Average of 1.3kg of ice per seat Cube is 99% of the time the way to go for these sectors. In the high-end bars and lounges the XXL and Q (Ball) units are an awesome feature for them to set them apart from others. The 25/28 cubes are also very popular for the drinks.
Hotel Average of 2.3kg of ice per room per day Hotels or Motels that have ice units on each level elect to go for the dispensing unit, nugget. The cube and crescent units are ideal for the volume they can produce and the versatility across many ares of the hotel. Crescent units are great for buckets used for room service and the restraurants.
Fast Food Restaurant Average of 0.80kg per 355ml drink Crescent ice would be the best solution for a high-volume restaurant looking for general ice. Food chilling, ice buckets, soft drinks and water jugs. Crescent units are perfect for Juice bars as is not as harsh on the blades as other ice types. The 21mm cube is also great for Juice bars too.
Seafood & Fresh Food Display 65kg per square meter Seafood & Fresh Food Display
School & University Average of 0.6kg of ice per student per day Crescent machines you can produce more ice within a small footprint. Making them ideal in a canteen application.
Hospital Average 0.4kg of ice per person per day Average 4.6kg for every bed The Nugget or Flaker ice is soft and easy to chew, making it perfect for the drinks served in healthcare and hospitals. Our machines allow for both water and ice options with easy to operate push-buttons, and is designed little spaces whilst still offering high standards of hygiene.
Construction/Mine Site Average of 1.5kg of ice per person per day An ice dispenser is a must for any building or mining site. This allows for ice to be dispensed with the push of a button. Reducing the risk of dirty hand cross contaminating an ice bin and passing germs to other staff. A safe an effective way to keep workers hydrated and safe.
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