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Elevate Your Ice Experience with Hoshizaki Crescent Edge Ice: Purity Redefined

Discover ice like never before – Hoshizaki presents the future of ice-making with its iconic Crescent Edge Ice Makers. Continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, this new generation with the ‘Edge’ transforms ice into an art form, revolutionizing how you chill, present, and serve.

A Work of Art in Ice

True to its legacy, the Crescent Edge Ice Makers deliver the signature clear, crescent-shaped ice that has captivated discerning users. Crafted from the inside out, these ice makers produce ice with an internal temperature of -4°C, unlocking a world of possibilities for chilling drinks, displaying produce and bottles, and elevating culinary creations.

A Marvel of Design:

The Edge The Crescent Edge Ice stands out with its unique round form and a flat bottom adorned with two small winglets. This ingenious design is more than aesthetics; it’s engineered for performance. The round shape, tasteless composition, and gradual melting ensure perfect drink chilling. The distinctive form also prevents clustering within ice chests, allowing easy scooping for immediate use.

Beauty Meets Functionality

Hoshizaki Crescent Edge Ice is more than just visually appealing; it’s a functional marvel:

Damageless Bottle Cooling: The hard and compact ice, coupled with a smooth, round surface, safeguards bottles and labels from damage.

Appetizing Display: The crystal-clear ice envelops produce while keeping it visible, presenting an enticing and protected display. Chilling Drinks: With 0% impurities, the ice is tasteless, forming the ideal base for crafting cocktails.

Optimal Ice Temperature: At precisely 0°C, the ice prevents unpleasant “freeze burns” while ensuring food stays perfectly chilled. The Uniqueness of the Edge One feature that truly sets Hoshizaki’s Crescent Ice apart is its form. This unique shape facilitates splash-free serving of post-mix soft drinks, optimizing drink displacement while maintaining an economical edge.

Efficiency in Every Detail Experience the benefits of the Crescent Edge Ice Makers across its range:

No Clustering: Rounded edges prevent clustering, whether in buckets for beverage cooling or in fresh food displays.

Cyclesaver: Producing the same ice quantity in half the cycles increases longevity and profitability.

Smart Design: Stainless steel double-sided evaporator, compact parameters, and plug-and-play ease ensure durability and convenience.

Sustainability in Ice Hoshizaki’s commitment to the environment and efficiency shines through:

Natural Refrigerant R290: Improved energy performance and minimal global warming potential, aligning with eco-conscious choices.

Automated Excellence: Fully automated and digitally controlled, the ice-making process requires no manual adjustments, saving time and resources.

Experience the Purity of Hoshizaki Crescent Edge Ice

Elevate your ice experience with the Crescent Edge Ice Makers, where design meets functionality, and innovation meets sustainability. It’s not just ice; it’s the future of chilling, displaying, and savoring. Embrace the purity, embrace the edge, with Hoshizaki.

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