Hoshizaki Introduces its Professional Series Drawers Range

Hoshizaki |23.11.18

Hoshizaki welcomes the Drawer range to its ever-growing professional series.

Easy to keep clean with the stainless-steel exterior and interior of the drawers, that are durable and resistant to scratches and corrosion.

Automatic defrost is possible with these drawers due to its’ inbuilt heater. Due to the combination of drawers and the defrost controls this series is very efficient, allowing your venue to spend time on other tasks.

The auto-closing drawers allows for the range to keep the cool air in, making sure that very little cool air escapes.

The custom temperate control system can be changed to suit your venues needs, with both refrigerator & freezer unit options available. The forced air circulation refrigeration system keeps that same temperature constant across the inside of the drawers, regardless of the amount of food inside.

Both two to four drawer options are available, that can be used to organise your kitchen, and maximise space. The low height of the drawers allows more room for kitchen essentials and can double as a work bench of countertop.

The professional series was built to withstand Australian kitchen heat conditions and is also covered by a two-year warranty.