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Why ice is the coolest ingredient in cocktails?

Excellent quality ice transforms cocktails and mixed drinks into premium drinks; the ice that goes into a cocktail is as crucial as the spirits, juices and mixers. Pubs and bars should make sure they have premium ice to give them the edge when it comes to Cocktails. Hoshizaki designs and


Lancer WorldWide Australia successfully concludes first National Conference for 2020

After successfully relaunching Lancer Beverage to Lancer WorldWide, we recently concluded our two-day National Conference at The Lakes Resort, Brebner Drive, West Lakes Adelaide. Leadership teams across all departments at Lancer Worldwide Australia were present at the conference. The event witnessed unveiling of the business objectives for 2020, team building


Debunking the myth about ice

Whether its cocktail science or health-care, ice has found its application in several industries. But over the years, we have heard several theories behind its nature and usage. Each industry has its own usage and implication. But here is a common myth about ice we are about to debunk. Myth

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