Thrill Your Customers with HOSHIZAKI’s Ball Ice

July 16, 2020

Now bar owners, restaurants, and hotels can have clean, clear 1.8-inch diameter ice balls like nugget ice and gourmet cube ice for amazing cocktail presentations with minimal dilution – and without the mess of ice molds or the high price of third-party ice vendors. Ice is always an important part of the preparation and presentation of a cocktail – consider a whiskey pour over a single sphere in an old-fashioned glass. Sphere ice looks beautiful, is more sanitary, and is more profitable than any other option in the market today.

Having a Sphere ice machine gives your operation:
  • Spheres are clear and solid, with less surface area than a square which gives them the superior chilling ability
  • Small footprint can easily fit under bar or counter
  • More sanitary than ice molds
  • Less costly than third party ice vendors
How is it Made?

A nozzle injects water into the sphere ice forming chamber of the evaporator making 15 Spheres at a time. Each with its own spherical chamber formed by upper and lower half-domes that come together to form the Sphere using a nozzle that injects water from the bottom up into the evaporator chamber until the sphere has been fully formed.

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