Hoshizaki Crescent Ice Maker

Excellent for blending or making blended drinks
The distinct crescent ice shape, exclusive to Hoshizaki, provides superior displacement compared to cube ice, making it ideal for soft drinks.
Our Crescent Ice Makers redefine excellence, crafting clear, crescent-shaped ice with precision and innovation. Engineered with an internal temperature of -4°C and a stainless-steel evaporator, every cube is a masterpiece from the inside out.
Unmatched Quality

Experience the perfection of our Crescent Edge Ice, featuring a distinctive round shape with a flat bottom and subtle winglets.

This unique design ensures seamless integration into any beverage, preserving taste integrity with its clear, slow-melting properties. Say goodbye to clumped ice and hello to effortless scooping, ready for immediate enjoyment.

Optimal Ice Temperature
The Edge
No Cluster
Damageless Bottle Cooling
Appetising Display
Chilling Drinks
Versatile Solutions

Tailored to meet diverse needs, our Crescent Ice Makers offer a range of self-contained and modular options. Whether you’re a small café or a bustling restaurant, there’s a perfect fit for your requirements and budget. Discover the flexibility offered by our undercounter range, collaborate with the high-capacity modular range, evaluate our options integrating the modular range with a touchless ice delivery dispenser, or effortlessly integrate our Crescent Ice with our Lancer Post-mix soft drink systems.

Whatever your need we have it covered with the Hoshizaki Cresent Ice Machine Range.

Enhanced Performance

Designed with your convenience in mind, our Crescent Ice Makers feature intuitive controls, visible alarms, and accessible maintenance points for effortless upkeep.

The Hoshizaki Crecent ice makers use multiple vertical evaporators. By using this vertical evaporator system, the Hoshizaki crescent ice makers we are able to make more ice per cycle, reducing the overall number of cycles per day per volume of ice.

Elevate Your Ice Experience

Join the ranks of discerning businesses worldwide and elevate your ice game with Hoshizaki Crescent Ice Makers. Experience the perfect blend of form and function, where every Crescent is a testament to precision engineering and unparalleled quality.

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