Bendigo Health

"The Hoshizaki Ice Dispensers are extremely well built and provide a quality ice product that is free from possible contaminants."

-Paul Bateman, Food Service Manager

"The Hoshizaki DCM60's are extremely reliable and easy to use and well utilised by our patients and visitors."

-Susan Tomlinson, Nurse Unit Manager


When you require health services, the last thing you want to worry about is a choking hazard caused by the wrong type of ice being put in your beverages!

Even worse, what if the ice in your beverages was contaminated, leading to further complications with medical procedures and causing longer recovery times and less enjoyment of life?

Bendigo Health, an organisation that provides essential medical services to a population of over 307,000 people in a region over a quarter the size of Victoria, appreciated the importance of eliminating these potential scenarios. They placed a high priority on finding machines that dispensed appropriate, clean, easily-chewable ice and chilled water to their patients and visitors.


To eliminate these potentially hazardous scenarios, a Hoshizaki DCM-60 counter top Ice & Water Dispenser which would produce up to 50kg of cubelets of ice per day would be required.

It was of critical importance that the unit was sealed from any potential contamination to comply with the standards Bendigo Health would require.


As ice in Hoshizaki machines can only be accessed through the dispenser, the machines solved major risk management issues for Bendigo Health in relation to choking hazards and contaminated ice.