Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute


The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute (VCCRI) are a biomedical research institute, that are known for their research into heart disease and cardiovascular issues. They also partake in cardiovascular research training and facilitating the rapid application of research discoveries to patient care.


when to the institute opened two years ago, they required extremely dry, flaked ice.

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute currently have 5 research divisions which include:

  • Structural and Computational Biology
  • Developmental Biology
  • Cardiac Physiology and Transplantation
  • Molecular Cardiology & Biophysics
  • Molecular Genetics

The institute is also a leader in adult stem cell technologies and the potential application to the treatment of cardiovascular disease, this is also helpful to patients. Although the institute addresses all forms of heart diseases, their key focuses are on diagnosis and treatment of heart muscle diseases and the prevention of heart diseases.  



There were two requirements when getting an ice machine, the first one was that they need a machine that would produce extremely dry, flaked ice, which were supplied from several machines throughout the whole institute. The second requirement was that the machine had to have a low heat output as they would be self-contained and stored in small spaces.

The found solution was to get Hoshizaki FM range of flake and ice machines.

Due to the remarkable success that management of the institute had, and management working on the development of the Garvan institute had led them to employ Hoshizaki Flakers and not having to consider any other brand.



The ice from Hoshizaki is used throughout the institute, from research to organ transport. The ice is also regularly used in temperature related and de-naturing experiments.

The machines have been extremely reliable since installing them and have operate 24/7 without failure.