Gold Coast City Council

"This combination was the best fit for their requirements, sanitary, automatic and most importantly reliable”

- Building & Services Manager


When Gold Coast City Council had a problem with the extreme temperatures at some of their depots, they relied on Hoshizaki to provide Ice and Water Dispensing machines for their staff. 

The council needed a quick and hygienic way of generating ice so that employees would remain refreshed, productive, and to reduce levels of exhaustion.


To solve Gold Coast City Council’s problems, ten machines that could store 80kg each would need to be supplied. It was extremely important that these machines were not accessible for reasons related to hygiene and contamination. The ice shape the dispensers needed to create were required to be in the shape of a cube. The machines needed to have enough space underneath them to be able to store a five litre drink container.


Gold Coast City Council conducted research into the most effective and trustworthy ice machines available for their depots. Of critical importance were machines that wouldn’t break down in the warm climate or require constant maintenance and servicing.

After a comprehensive investigation, the council made the decision to purchase 10 Hoshizaki IM-240ANE-21 ice makers with 8 x DB130 & 2 DB200 ice dispensers through Ice Machines Online.

These machines were then supplied and installed across all eight depots, with great success and reviews from staff.