Why choosing the right ice-maker machine is important for mixologists?


Ice is to a bartender what the flame is for a chef. This clearly states that ice like nugget ice or gourmet cube ice is a mixologist’s best friend and his secret ingredient to craft a perfectly blended delicious cocktail. Hence, it is extremely vital for a restaurant or bar to invest in good ice machines.

Here’s why the cube in your drink matters! 

  1. Each spirit or cocktail demands different ice. It is pivotal to use right ice for the right drink. Big ice cubes contributes to slow melting while small ice stimulates faster dilution.
  2. Fresh ice-cubes keep the drinks stay longer without ruining them. Ice which has been stored in the bucket for a while will dilute the drink rapidly.

Mixologists across the global prefer Hoshizaki Ice Machines for its ability to not dilute the drink, keeping it icy cold and enhancing the drinker’s experience.

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