Item Number: 91000037


Keep your Sushi fresh and edible

As a Japan-based company, we have a deep understanding of sushi and the culture it represents. With our premium, professional Sushi cases, your Sushi will stay fresh longer and taste as good as it looks, receiving high praises from your customers.


  • Plate space on top of unit, 5.6 inches.
  • Stable humidity and temperature levels are maintained instead of forced air circulation methods that dry out and ruin displayed sushi.
  • Large diameter 1 inch drains at front.
  • Larger front to back interior – 11 inches.
  • Interior floor has a radius at all four sides.
  • Self-contained refrigeration unit – easy to install.
  • Left and right side compression location options available.
  • Condenser airflow is in the back and out the side.
  • Large diameter upper evaporator with tin plating.
  • Larger condenser face area improves cooling performance.
  • Solid base food plates with radius groove to fit sushi foods.
  • Base food plates can be turned upside down and used to improve cooling performance.
Exterior Clear Glass, ABS Plastic, PVC Plastic
Interior Clear Glass, ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel
Effective Capacity 72L
Cooling Air
Power Cord Tube Type(Upper), (Lower) Pipe on Sheet Type
Dimensions: Inside,Outside 1445mm (W) x 288mm (D) x 157mm H)
1800mm (W) x 345mm (D) x 270mm (H)
Saturation Temperature Approx 5 °C (Ambient temp 30°C , no load)
Weight Net/Gross (kg) 42 / 60
AC Supply Voltage 1 PHASE 220-240V 50Hz / 10 Amp Plug
Amperage Rated: 1.2A Starting: 6A
Refrigerant Charge R134a / 140g
Operating Conditions Ambient Temp.: 10 – 30°C
Voltage Range: Rated Voltage ±6%
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