We're coming to fine food Australia

Hoshizaki |16.08.18

We are excited to announce that Hoshizaki will be attending the 2018 Fine food Australia tradeshow which is held in Melbourne, between the 10th-13th of September 2018. Within this tradeshow there is over 1,000 brands showcasing their products, within the categories of specialty food, catering equipment, hospitality products and much more. This is the perfect event to be able to engage with companies who supply and distribute products for your business. 

This year we will be showcasing our new pillar less refrigeration and drawer range. The pillar less range is built with the technology and innovation of our professional series of refrigeration, which has been created for space-saving solutions. Due to the fridges and freezers not having a centre pillar, you are able  to use different shapes and sizes of trays and containers which is perfect for anyone to use. These units come in a diverse range of sizes including single, double and split doors, and are perfect for both commercial use and restaurants that have the need store large dishes.

Our brand is also thrilled to be introducing our KM Edge design, which expands on the Hoshizaki signature crescent to provide more benefits for the venue owner. The difference with the updated KM edge design it has a sleek edge on every crescent, due to the change in the evaporator. The KM Edge boasts improved CycleSaver technology, allowing the machine to produce the same amount of clear hard ice in half the time.

To find out more information about Fine Food Australia head over and visit their website at